You don’t really care much about me but by the time you see how I can help you, we’ll be best buds.

You are going to learn how to buy a house or houses, sell a house, get a mortgage even with weird circumstances and build an investment portfolio of houses or even become a Realtor!

If you love options, info, and answers you are going to fill right at home here.

I started this page because I get lots and lots of the same questions from different people.

My secret goal? To solve your problem. That really gets my adrenaline going and gets my creative mind thinking.

Had any of these problems before?

  • House that won’t sell
  • Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy
  • Weak Realtor
  • Bad Credit
  • Messy Divorce
  • Self-Employed and show no income

That is a sampling of problems we all have—I’ve had a bunch of them. But I overcame by solving my problems. I can do the same for you.

You want to know my creds? I have been solving real estate and mortgage problems before most of you were born. I could list 30 acronyms for classes I have taken, awards, designations, etc. How boring is that? It gave me experience though.

Let’s just say I fight to the death (almost) for my clients. I have tricks and tools up my sleeve that you wouldn’t believe.  

Are we best buds yet?